How It Started.

Hi I’m Vishal, the founder of Kanira.

Growing up in a South Asian-American household, millets were a critical part of my daily diet. My earliest memories of breakfast involve a savory bowl of millet porridge made with a mix of ground millets, milk and a pinch of warming spices along with my favorite cartoons (Captain Planet - IYKYK!).

Day in and out, this breakfast would keep me energized and satiated for hours.

Mornings Matter.

However, as I grew older I ditched the morning bowl of porridge (& the cartoons 😞) for "quick" breakfast options.

Sugar filled cereals, breakfast bars and granola became my go-to breakfasts but constantly left me hungry within hours and experiencing frequent sugar crashes.

Looking back, the best part about my early breakfast routines was the nourishing, healthy morning meal made with simple, nutrient dense foods.

Creating Better Morning Habits.

Tapping into my heritage, I created Kanira’s first products - a line of quick, convenient, on-the-go breakfast biscuits - using the same nutrient dense, climate friendly grain that I grew up eating - millets!!

In a world where morning routines are always compressed, I encourage you to slow down, grab a cup your favorite warm (or iced) beverage, a handful of our delicious breakfast biscuits and take a moment for yourself!!