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Sustained energy for your busy day.

4g of plant protein. 4g of prebiotic fiber. 50% LESS sugar + carbs than other breakfast biscuits. Climate friendly whole grains. Should we go on?

We created a convenient, better-for-you morning snack with planet-friendly ingredients & actually interesting flavors so breakfast doesn't need to be a boring affair.

What's in our products vs. what's not

Morning snacking made with diverse, climate friendly whole grains.

Millets are the main feature of our breakfast biscuits.

Grown in South Asia for centuries, millets are a group of gluten free, small seeded grains packed with plant protein, prebiotic fiber, iron and other essential vitamins & minerals.

Requiring ~2-3x less water than other cereal grains (i.e., oats, wheat, corn), millets are capable of withstanding droughts and dry, harsh temperatures.